ZOAR VALLEY: Repair to road is pricey

Is the fix worth it? That is the question local and Erie County officials need to figure out before fixing the horrendous Zoar Valley Road.

As noted in the Sunday OBSERVER, it is not a fun ride — even for someone who represents that region. “It was a ride from hell,” said Erie County Legislator John Mills. “I took the Gowanda Zoar Road. I stopped a couple of times because I didn’t know where the road was and it was almost 50 minutes I spent going 15-30 miles per hour. It was horrible. One spot, I swear, I didn’t have a road, I had a path.”

Note readers, this is not an indictment on local road crews. To anyone who has driven the stretch of road, their sentiments are exactly along the lines of Mills.

Our big question revolves around the cost. Mills estimates that to be around $22 million. That’s $20.8 million more than the current funding for the town’s Highway Department budget for 2017.

In the town of Arkwright, that figure would not fly. Many of the Chautauqua County town’s roads are dirt — and many are not in the best of shape.

We understand the inconvenience, but how many motorists and residents are along that stretch? That is the biggest question. Collins crews have done their best.

But continuing the patch jobs just will not do it.