Needy get shaft with health bill

The Senate has released their version of the health care bill.

The bill essentially takes from the most vulnerable and gives to the more wealthy.

Major cuts to Medicaid are included in this bill. Who does Medicaid help? Twenty percent of all Americans on Medicaid — 39 percent of all children, 60 percent of children with disabilities, 49 percent of all births covered by Medicaid and take note seniors … 64 percent of all nursing home residents are on Medicaid.

In New York state premiums are expected to increase on an average of $1,094 if this bill were made into law. The Congressional Budget Office projects 22 million people will lose their health care coverage under this bill. This includes over a million in our state and 15,000 in our county.

The state has estimated that 17 hospitals in our district would lose $18.5 million in funding if this bill were to pass. This includes loss of revenues to our own local hospitals. Brooks would lose $897,965. TLC would be cut $619,426, Westfield $123,031 and UPMC Chautauqua WCA $2,352,829.

Major health associations such as the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Rural hospital association, and even our Resource Center have all come out against this bill.

“Medicine has long operated under the precept of ‘Primum non nocere,’ or ‘first, do no harm.’ The draft legislation violates that standard on many levels,” the nation’s largest doctor group (AMA) said in a strongly worded letter sent to Sen. McConnell.

I agree. This bill is not only mean it is immoral.

Judi Lut Woods is a Fredonia resident.