People’s column — July 29

Aim for speed reductions on Route 60


This letter concerns the possibility of a roundabout at Routes 60 and 20. It might be simplistic, but I think reducing the speeds on Route 60 from the Thruway exit to Stone Quarry Road to 30 mph (with certain places allowing 35 mph) and also lowering the speed from Swamp Road to the western edge of the Village of Fredonia to 30 mph (with specific locations of 35 mph) is worth a try before we spend millions on the roundabout.

As for the roundabout, it may not be any safer and it is definitely going to have an impact on local businesses.

Common sense says it’s feasible to see if we can obtain some positive results in safety and accident prevention with this reduction, not to mention enormous savings evolved for taxpayers.

Lastly, it is somewhat perilous to try to pull out of some locations on Route 60 with the 45 mph in place.