People’s column — Aug. 20

Mascot also is an insult


On July 30, the OBSERVER had a letter. The writer, from Fredonia, had seen two Confederate Flags in Dunkirk. She called them a symbol of racism.

How can that person or anybody from Fredonia say that, when all of Fredonia schools sports teams are called the Hillbillies?

I call that a insult. I think the Fredonia schools should not use the word Hillbilly anymore or they might be in a lawsuit from a rebel like me.



Health labels unacceptable


I am a member of Make a Mark Self Advocacy group out of the Resource Center in Dunkirk. On behalf of myself and my group, we would like to express our concerns about an issue that was recently brought to our attention regarding the medical code language that doctor’s offices continue to use.

We are all in disbelief to find out terms like mental retardation are still being used for medical code and billing. We can’t believe that in the year 2017 that these insulting terms are still being used.

Our group will be advocating to change these terms to a more respectable code of terms. Rest assured my group and I will be contacting the people in charge in Washington, D.C. and Albany to change these codes.


TRC Self Advocate of the Year 2016,


Missing the bigger picture


It is no wonder the area is in the mess it is with harebrained ideas like a fence around the park in Fredonia and hiding the Indian statue in Wright Park in Dunkirk.

Brocton has the state of Marmaduke and Brad Anderson on Route 20, a main thoroughfare, and Westfield has the Lincoln statue on Route 20, a main thoroughfare.

Fredonia would be better served by applying for grants to repair the Village Hall, which is in great need. And Dunkirk should keep the statue on Route 5, and enclose it. It would be more visible to more people, and not just picnickers and ballplayers.

We have so little that is unique. Why hide it?