Retrospective — Aug. 30

Twenty years ago — 1997

With city elections less than three months away, a third candidate has entered the race for mayor in Dunkirk. Henry R. Serafin has filed a petition to run for mayor on the Taxpayer Reform Party line. Reports of Mr. Serafin’s intent to run have been circulating for several weeks now. He is a past member of the Dunkirk Board of Education and was the president and general manager of WBUZ radio in Fredonia. He joins incumbent Republican Margaret Wuerstle and Democratic challenger Robert Kesicki in the race for mayor. This will mark the second election in a row in which three candidates have vied for the mayoral post. In 1995, Mayor Margaret Wuerstle defeated Democratic challenger Ralph Letersky and Independent candidate James Muscato for a third term.

Thirty years ago — 1987

A ticket pitting U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp (R-Hamburg) against Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis seems to be what those who voted at the Chautauqua County government tent during fair week would like to see in 1988. Results of the straw vote were announced by the County Board of Elections. The voting machine set up at the fairgrounds listed six contenders, including Vice President George Bush, Sen. Robert Dole, Rep. Richard Gephart and Sen. Joseph Biden.

Forty years ago — 1977

Viola McFadden is the winner of the three-minute shopping spree sponsored by the Food Barn supermarket at the D & F Plaza. Ms. McFadden, who is wheel-chair bound, chose her sister-in-law, Roxanne McFadden, to go on the spree. She carried out groceries totaling $363.94.

Fifty years ago — 1967

Mr. and Mrs. William Stebbins of Middle Road, Silver Creek are the proud parents of two newly-adopted Korean girls, Han Al Nyun, 2, whose adopted name is Sunia Suzanne, and Lee Un Gyung, eight months, whose adopted named is Kim Lee. They are the newest additions to the Stebbins family which includes two older daughters, Linda and Bethany.