Try on a happy personality

Margaret shares some heartfelt, timeless advice this week.

It’s amazing how close a group becomes. One morning, people were teasing me about my “Dear Maggie” column. They agreed with what I wrote.

(Years ago) a lady told me about a woman she has to keep away from because all she does is criticize and brag. She criticizes others and brags about herself. How sad!

I don’t know this person, but I would guess that she does what she does because of an inferiority complex. If you don’t like yourself, you can’t like others. And you try to make up for your lack of a happy personality by buying stuff. I’ll clump all those appearances of wealth in that one word. I don’t care how you glamorize it — it’s still just stuff.

Have you ever stopped to think what an equalizer nature is? Just think of the most beautiful nature scene you have ever seen. It’s gorgeous! It’s breathtaking. And it isn’t more beautiful to the people who have money than it is for the poor — the sun and the moon shine for everyone! The grass and the trees are green for everyone. It’s still true that the best things in life are free.

We talked about people’s faces, too. You can read so much in a face. Bitterness is written all over it. Look at those thin, pressed lips and the lines around the mouth. What a shame. That same mouth can smile. It can say things that build up or strike them down. That mouth can be happy and sing or it can be sad and cooperate with the eyes to cry.

Do your eyes sparkle or are they dead? Do you know what makes the difference? It’s what’s in your mind. Your thoughts are reflected in your eyes. Who’s in charge of your thoughts? You can’t blame anyone else. Control good thoughts and don’t let other people with bad thoughts rob you of your joy!

Many times you’ll say of someone, “She’s so pretty,” when all you are seeing is a happy face. Sometimes I have said, “I just like to look at that man because his neatness and his smile make me feel good.” We do react to other people and they react to us. So each of us really has a responsibility to make ourselves feel good and to look as good as we can for our own sakes and the sake of others.

You can make a game of it with your mate and other people you are close to. It could change your homes and the places where you work. We live in a great area and it’s great because we’re in it. Take a bow.