AREA COURTS: Better system can be found

Chautauqua County in August began a process that makes a great deal of sense, especially to a number of attorneys: a potential reduction in the number of municipal courts.

As many readers know, we still have too much small local government. An ingredient of that is the court system. For every one of the two cities, 27 towns and 13 villages, there also is a court system. It is, for the most part, a revenue generator even though there are expenses to maintaining it.

It also creates a huge headache for the public defender’s and district attorney’s offices as well as law enforcement in terms of getting to each one of those courthouses. Even those connected to the system as judges say the time has come for more efficiency in the system.

“I truly believe that with a change in times, this needs to be addressed and looked at,” Fredonia Justice David Prince said. “Let’s go, let’s do what we can to improve things.”

Prince, who has served as jurist for a number of years in both the village and town of Pomfret, certainly understands the complexities and drawbacks to the current system.

His words bring plenty of credibility to an issue that can be more convenient for all parties.