ATHENEX: Delays are minor bumps

Doubting residents of any potential progress in the area always like to point to delays in the Athenex project. The most recent news, revealed last week, was another delay in the ground-breaking schedule.

But that is not the worst-case scenario when you consider an update from Dunkirk Town Supervisor Richard Purol. There’s actually activity at the site, which means things are moving forward for a regional game-changer.

Purol at a meeting earlier this month said brush had been cleared from the 33 acres and trees will begin coming down as soon as next week. Workers have also begun soil borings to determine the best conditions for building.

“There’s a lot going on there,” he said.

Of course Western New York has been misled before. But by all accounts, from the governor’s office to Athenex officials, the Dunkirk project that could bring a possible 900 jobs is still a priority and is on track.

That big picture is where we all need to focus.