County’s big drug lawsuit is a sham

A front-page article (Aug. 24) clearly praising the Chautauqua County Legislature appeared describing their actions to sue the major pharmaceutical companies for the opioid epidemic, as it’s called now.

Really? This is praiseworthy?

In my opinion it’s the action of a body that is totally clueless on what, if anything, they may, should or could do. First off, different companies make different versions of almost all so-called “opioids,” so do you sue all of them by name? I’m not a lawyer, but wouldn’t a suit require proof that a specific companies specific drug was responsible?

It would appear a lot of proof, and expense, will be required for this to go on. Secondly, these are prescription drugs, and have to be ordered by a physician. So much for advertising. Now, if the physician doesn’t know these drugs are addictive, he should turn in his license immediately.

I worked in health care for 34 years and knew each and every drug we dispensed and its side effects, and we all knew the stronger pain medications could be addictive. A licensed MD doesn’t?

I guess the Legislators have been too busy to read or see on TV or the internet that most of the deaths have been from Fentanyl being added to the heroin, and the Fentanyl is being produced in and smuggled from Mexico. I don’t think you can sue them or the heroin dealers and producers.

This effort is a sham, a diversionary tactic to make it appear as if they’re doing something, when in fact they obviously don’t have a clue.

It’ll probably appear further down the road as election material. Next, I suppose, is a suit against any and all producers of beer and spirits for the costs associated with alcoholism, a far bigger killer than all other drugs, combined.

Paul Christopher is a Fort Myers, Fla., and Dunkirk resident.