DUNKIRK: Time to revisit school officer

Dunkirk has more than 30 police officers on its force. They patrol a city of 12,000 residents.

But in a building that has about 600 people, the police presence has been lost. In the wake of last week’s stabbing, the question needs to be posed again: Does there need to be a resource officer in the city high school?

It was once there, before the 2016-17 school year. But since the funding from the NRG plant no longer comes in, that is one of the cuts the city district has made.

After last Thursday, it needs to be looked at again — by not just the schools, but the city. The officer’s presence in the school adds a layer of safety and security.

We’re not saying the school is not safe, but tensions can be high — especially when the outside heat rises.

This is not just a school issue. It is a community issue.

City residents have school and municipal budgets that top $65 million annually. There’s no excuse from either side for not finding a solution to having an officer in the school.