FREDONIA: Smart move on trustee

Catherine Creeley has been there, done that — and it makes a lot of sense for the village of Fredonia.

Last week, Creeley was appointed to the open trustee position previously held by Marc Ruckman until he resigned in June. It is a situation that is quite similar to when she was appointed to the board after Susan Forrester-Mackay resigned in 2016. Creeley was tapped then and served for about nine months. This time around it will be three.

Here’s why this appointment works: Creeley, because of her past recent service, already has good background on what’s going on in the village and has knowledge of the budget. There’s no learning curve.

She also is not running for trustee for the three open spots in 2018. That gives none of the five other new candidates running any type of slight edge for November’s election. Doug Essek, who is seeking re-election, won a one-year term already.

Fredonia, by far, is the most dysfunctional government this newspaper covers on a regular basis now that Forestville has dissolved. There’s lots that needs to be fixed, especially now that the village is looking — again — for an attorney.

Creeley, as a new and returning voice, is a solid, capable selection until a new board begins in January.