GAS WELL: Digging in for history

Can Fredonia dig it this weekend? An archeological dig is planned for Friday and Saturday at the gas well location at 85 W. Main St.

“Michelle and I are members of the Hart Gas Well Committee, which is a citizen’s group here in Fredonia dedicated to achieving historic site status for what we all know is the first gas well in the United States, but in truth is really the first petroleum well in all of western history,” Mark Twichell, site owner, said during a recent Fredonia Board of Education meeting. “Now, we have applied to the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation to attain this status. As part of the application, in conjunction with the National Fuel Corp. and the State University of New York at Buffalo Department of Archaeology, we are sponsoring an archaeological dig.”

Fredonia is home to many achievements, from the first Grange, still located on Main Street, to a gold-medal Olympian. The gas well also is worthy of national historic recognition.

We also offer a tip of the cap to the Twichells for their continued efforts on promoting the well.