Good thoughts collected

Here is another classic Margaret Valone column.

With all the new technology (more production, whether on the farms or in plants, etc.), taking place, we need new ideas for new jobs. Americans aren’t stupid. We’re probably the most creative and innovative people in the world but we need the energy (motivation) to make things happen.

I love to donate directly so that I’ll know my money is going to the person and not some big CEO.

We are a country of extremes — we either spend money foolishly or we give generously. Go figure!

Now I want to give you some good thoughts I’ve collected:

Chatter without charity is sound without soul.

Love makes eloquence meaningful.

Love without kindness is like fire without heat.

Love is the secret of service.

Love puts up an umbrella for others.

If you have humility, you can’t be envious.

Love is the secret of service.

Love is an abstract noun that produces positive actions.

The trinity of spiritualities is wisdom, then knowledge and lastly, faith.

Don’t all these things make you feel good?

On the other hand, if we are hateful, we are filled with envy, jealousy, vindictiveness, uncaring. We enjoy hurting other people. We slander them, we are unforgiving and we never give a compliment or a smile or an invitation. We shut people out. These people have nothing left except their selfishness. How pathetic!

But let’s look at the two categories. Some produce positive things like love, joy, kindness, happiness, comfort, service, humility and positive motivation.

The other produces coldness, bitterness, loneliness and negative responses.

Isn’t it amazing and scary that each of us is capable of both? But the good news is we have choices! We are in control! What dumbbell would chose the pain and hurt from all the negative stuff? Think about it. If you’re not happy, whose fault is it? What kind of bad choices have you made? Well, it’s not too late. Use some humility and ask for forgiveness. Pick out somebody you’d like to be like, call them and tell them you want to be like them. You admire them. Would they please teach you how to be more like them? That’s a big compliment. Who doesn’t like compliments? Join Josie Christopher’s Circle of Love group and make something for others. What organization do you admire?

Make it known that you will volunteer wherever you can help. You can turn your life around.

If you want more out of your life, the ball is in your court. You just have to get in the game of life!