People’s column — Sept. 10

Ashley a fit

as town judge


I believe that residents should vote for the candidate that has paid his dues. One who has spent the majority of his life in service to the town he lives in, and in many of the local police facilities that have existed over the past several years.

He has also worked in the county Sheriff’s Department, in varied aspects of the job. He now serves as a trustee for the town of Hanover. I believe that Wayne Ashley has earned the privilege to serve as the town’s judge.



Silver Creek

Staff gets

the word out


I just had to put my thoughts in writing.

The week of Aug. 7, I stopped in at 8:30 a.m. to see Vicki Notaro regarding a reminder to put in about Dunkirk High School Class of 1960s 75th birthday get-together. I brought in a picture of the bench we purchased from the City Hall. I asked Vicki if at all possible, could we put the bench picture in and also a reminder for the Friday and Saturday birthday reunion Aug. 11 and 12.

She said she would have to run it by Gib Snyder and Greg Bacon.

Tuesday morning the 8th, I am having coffee and reading the paper and there was our bench and the reminder of our 75th birthday reunion. It made my day. I called Vicki and expressed my feelings regarding the reunion and the picture of our bench.

These people at the OBSERVER have to be commended on all the excellent coverage they do on all reunions and etc. in Chautauqua County.

Sometimes the hard work and time people put in any project — they appreciate a nice compliment, it makes their day also.

Mr. D’Agostino, you have great, great people employed at the OBSERVER!

Hats off to your paper and employees.


Dunkirk High School

Class of 1960

DOT needs

lower speed


This is in regard to the Fredonia, Routes 60 and 20 roundabout proposal. If accident reduction is a key goal, why not reduce the speed limit to 30 mph from the State Police facility to the Thruway entrance. There are at least 31 businesses, not including the Fredonia school and all the business on Vineyard Drive, and exiting Thruway traffic along this section.

This is a business district not a low-traffic highway. It should not have a 45 mph speed limit. A speed limit change would also save taxpayers the $3 million for other projects.