People’s column — Sept. 24

Where were votes

from Teamsters?


This letter is regard to the 29 percent cut in the Teamsters pension on Oct. 1 and the 20,767 fellow Teamsters who didn’t have an extra 30 minutes in their life to read the material, circle either yes or no on the ballot and send in back in the postage free envelope.

A total of 9,788 voted no and 4,081 voted yes on the cut. I don’t care which way you would have voted, it just makes me mad that more than 20,000 didn’t care to vote. A vote not mailed in counts as a yes vote.

I wonder how that would stand up in court. We probably will never know! Keep watching, people, it may be coming to your pension, if not already!


Local 449, Angola

Vigil event reflects values of area


The Chautauqua County Women’s Action Group would like to thank everyone who participated in the vigil against hate and fear that was held on Tuesday, Aug. 15, in Washington Park in Dunkirk. The vigil was organized in response to the violence and hate that was displayed in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend of Aug. 12.

We specifically want to thank the elected officials and candidates of all parties who lent their voices against divisive fear and hate. We also thank the members of religious communities who reminded us that we are all equal in God’s eyes. We especially thank the community who came out to stand with us.

Thank you to everyone who made the vigil a great success. This event reflected the values of our community: that we reject fear and hate, and embrace equality, justice and love.



Chautauqua County Women’s Action Group co-chairs