People’s column — Sept. 3

Some food for thought


I cannot believe the mayor of Fredonia called the decision on the stalled roundabout “bad news.” As far as Trustee Kara Christina asking if there were any alternative proposals in the works, the only thing I can say is to lower the speed limit to 30 mph.

I think McDonald’s did the right thing by wanting to take the state to court. I would have done the same. If you took a survey on the roundabout, the majority of people would say “no.”

As for the food courts, Trustees Phyllis Jones and Douglas Essek brought the food trucks up and the mayor and other trustees said anything. It probably went right over their heads.

I predict in a couple of years there will be no more Red, White & Blues because the bars and restaurants will not be able to afford $600 or $700 for a band.

This event was established to benefit local business. These restaurants and bars pay taxes and fees to the village. The out-of-town food trucks and drink vendors do not.

When the other mayors and trustees were there, they promoted the local establishments.



Slight pinch from outside


It has been a very sad time in our area since a number of our local businesses have been sold to out-of-town interests. As a member of various non-profit organizations and youth groups that need to hold fund-raising activities, we were so blessed to have donations from local managers to finish out our events. Now all of these groups must purchase items from stores and that subtracts from our profits.

The city of Dunkirk Day Camp at Camp Gross has been forced to purchase desserts and food as an “event-ending activity” each week. Local scout groups and churches also must feel the pinch in their budgets.

Ownership in major area companies has changed over time, but they are not local owners who feel that urge to “help their neighbors.”