Retrospective — Sept. 27

Twenty years ago — 1997

A raspberry-flavored lollipop loaded with a narcotic pain killer for treatment of cancer patients was recommended for federal approval despite concerns about accidental poisoning of children. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted unanimously that the benefit to cancer patients from the pain-killing candy far outweighed the risk of young children being harmed. The lollipop, called Actiq, is actually a sugar-based lozenge on a stick. It is loaded with fentanyl citrate, a narcotic commonly used in other forms to treat cancer pain. The lollipop is an off-white color and the stick bears a large “Rx” mark. It will be used to provide quick relief to cancer patients already using opiates to relieve pain.

Thirty years ago — 1987

Mary Ann Sabato of Fredonia Central School, Patricia Webb of Forestville Central School and Patricia Brown of Pine Valley Central School have been selected to serve on a statewide Home Economics Inservice Education Leadership Team. The team is composed of administrators, guidance counselors, teachers and teacher educators. Having recently completed a three-day leadership training conference in Ithaca, the three teachers will serve as liaisons between the New York State Education Department and the teachers in their region.

Forty years ago — 1977

At a recent Dunkirk Common Council meeting, Councilman Leonard F. Schrantz charged that the Dunkirk Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has “overstepped their bounds” by questioning city decisions involving an urban renewal development and the location of a proposed boat launch facility. The CAC voted to ask the Dunkirk Urban Renewal Agency to reconsider action that is expected to lead to the demolition of the Casale Building on East Fourth Street.

Fifty years ago — 1967

A “Do You Remember?” photo shows the Hurlburt House, a combination hotel and rooming house that was very popular in Dunkirk for many years. It was located where the Wright Apartments are today. Built around 1890, it was razed when the Wright Apartments were erected in 1915. In connection with the picture of the old inn is one of the menus of 1891 offering a large choice of entrees and accompanying dishes. The proprietor, the late George Hurlburt, was well-known for conducting a first rate hostelry and presenting a good table.