Retrospective — Sept. 7

Twenty years ago — 1997

Speaking from a heart whose warmth had been questioned, Queen Elizabeth II broke the royal reticence over Princess Diana’s death in an Aug. 31 automobile accident, calling her “a remarkable person” whose memory must be cherished. Since the tragedy, the royal family had been roughed up by the tabloid press and criticized by ordinary people as remaining too aloof at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, failing to join in the public grieving. Hurt by the accusations, the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, mingled with the crowds at London’s royal palace, which have been inundated with floral tributes.

Thirty years ago — 1987

From Just Between Us ….. John Slaughter, of John & Margo Photographic Studio, 38 Middlesex Drive, Fredonia was awarded the photographic Craftsman Degree by Professional Photographers of America Inc., during the association’s annual international convention in Rosemont, Ill., in August. The degree, one of the highest honors for professional photographers, was granted to the Fredonia photographer for exceptional service in the field of photography.

Forty years ago — 1977

Arthur Gestwicki of Dunkirk was recently honored at a retirement party at the Hose Co. No. 4 grounds at Point Gratiot. Mr. Gestwicki has retired after serving 35 years with Dunkirk paid firefighters Local 616. He is now an insurance carrier for the New York State Firefighters.

Fifty years ago — 1967

A program of homogenous groupings, which has been experimented with for two years in Buffalo public schools, will be put into operation on a small scale in three Dunkirk elementary schools. In this program, children of high academic calibre and intelligence will be grouped together. In this way, it is hoped that more of a challenge will be presented to them above average child. This is hoped to prevent accelerating the student, or letting him “skip” grades, where serious social consequences have been known to occur.