STATE UNIVERSITY: Enrollment is bright spot

One of the most welcome surprises of the late summer season has to be the new energy at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Right before opening day, the university announced its second-largest class of first-year students were arriving for the fall semester.

Even Frank Pagano, College Council chair, was thrilled with the numbers in an opinion piece that was published in the Aug. 27 OBSERVER. “This is a tremendous accomplishment, not only by admissions but the entire college community, who all pitched in to help in the recruiting,” he wrote.

Overall, the admissions department reported 1,164 first-year students. What’s more impressive about the accomplishment was that in previous years the university lamented its spiralling decline in students. Even last year, numbers were disappointing. It led to a more strategic way in how the institution reached out to prospects.

“I want to acknowledge our faculty and staff for the critical role they play in the new student recruitment process and thank them for their contributions to our overall recruitment and enrollment efforts,” said Daniel Tramuta, associate vice president for enrollment services.

Our community counts on the university to help boost our economy. Increasing enrollment numbers will help that cause as well.