BROOKS SITE: Don’t delay on reuse plan

Even though many in the community are not comfortable with the decision by Brooks Memorial Hospital to leave the city of Dunkirk, there is at least an effort being made to determine what to do with the site. In announcing plans to relocate the hospital to the town of Pomfret on Route 20, there also was information about a group effort for future building use.

“We understand the concerns of immediate neighbors, community leaders, and citizens in general, that the reuse of this property should contribute to the positive development and improving quality of life in the neighborhood, the city and the Chautauqua County region,” said Chris Lanski, chair of the Brooks board of directors.

Other than the two co-chairs of the committee being named — Lou DiPalma and Virginia Horvath, both Brooks board members — there has not yet been any community members added to the group. Dunkirk, obviously, has a huge stake in what happens to the current hospital site and Mayor Willie Rosas will have great say on who serves on the committee.

If residents are interested in serving on the committee — and it’s not too early since the Pomfret site has been chosen — they may want to reach out to the mayor’s office.

Representation regarding the location and keeping traffic on Central Avenue in downtown is extremely important in the city’s efforts for revitalizing the waterfront.