How about standing for your freedoms?

This article is written for the men and women who served in the military. Some lost their lives while others lost limbs or suffered lifelong injuries and ailments.

Because of their efforts, this country is still free. There are instances when things go terribly wrong in our society, but overall, it is a lot better place than living in other countries. But no person would know the difference in comparison if they did not witness that themselves. Our servicemen and women have witnessed those horrors first hand, and anyone who served overseas will tell you.

The U.S. is our home.

Now we have some who play a game who are not happy with the conditions here in the U.S. That behavior would not be tolerated in many other countries. Those who kneel, showing disrespect for this country and its flag, should be glad that they have a leg to kneel. With the disabled American veterans, some cannot. Some have Agent Orange, some have PTSD, some commit suicide because of what they have witnessed overseas in battle.

Our president was correct. Any person, whether an athlete or a regular citizen, who cannot respect our flag and what this country stands for is not welcome to the White House. That also goes for myself as well. You are not welcome into my home as well.

How can the NFL commissioner, coaches and owners agree with those players who take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, but stand for a foreign country’s flag? Something is drastically wrong with this country. No country can sustain idleness from a small percentage of its numbers.

The great majority must labor at something productive. If any country has no borders, no language, no culture, all this equals no country. The past administration is responsible for political correctness and is responsible for our liberal-minded society.

This nonsense has gone on far too long. It will take years to remedy this major problem when a political party goes unchecked like it has been the last eight years. It cannot be allowed to continue on this path of destruction of a country that was once ruled by common sense.

We are now living in a confused society. This is only because a party that was not responsible resulted in a society of those who think we owe them a living, instead of a society that was built on work ethic and proper family values.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to