People’s column — Oct. 8

A plea for return

of missing item


OK, Where is it? How were you able to carry it? When did you decide to take it? Why did you take it? Where did you put it? What are you going to do with it? Will you please return it? Let me know, I’ll be there to greet you.

I want it returned, the sooner the better.

I treasure everything I own … even the urn you stole from my driveway with the “artificial bush” on it. Shame on you, stealing as you did.

You’re being watched very closely. You better be careful. God is nearby all the time and he saw you take it.

So return the urn and be a good “do-bee.”

Thank you. I’m looking forward to owning it again. You can place it right where it originally was located, no questions asked.



Medical deduction

benefits many


In the discussion about federal tax reform, itemized deductions are proposed to be eliminated except for charity and mortgage interest. Eliminating the medical deduction will be very unfair to seniors in health-care residences, people requiring care, people who must pay for their health insurance and people who pay for long-term care insurance. These people pay these costs with after tax income.

Many employees have their health insurance paid by their employer and they are not taxed for this benefit. The medical deduction tends to level this cost disparity. If the medical deduction is eliminated, the tax code will be discriminatory and unfair.

Everyone should urge their senators and representative to retain this itemized deduction particularly since premiums keep increasing with no legislative health care reform in sight.


Orchard Park