Take part in citywide fire drill Tuesday

This past week, the city of Dunkirk Fire Department, along with many fire departments across the nation celebrated Fire Prevention Week by educating children of the dangers of fire and with many safety tips to protect themselves in the instance of a fire in their home. The key topics of home fire safety include the importance of smoke detectors and what to do when a smoke detector sounds, making escape plans and practicing their escape plan by having fire drills at home.

The Dunkirk Fire Department visits all the schools within the city grades prekindergarten to five. In an effort to promote home fire safety throughout the city and all ages, the Dunkirk Fire Department is proud to announce the third annual citywide fire drill. It will take place on Tuesday between the hours of 6 and 7:30 p.m. During this time, we ask that residents test their smoke detectors, make an escape plan and practice it by having a fire drill at home. fire apparatus will be on the streets during the fire drill, please stop them if you have any questions.

At any time if you have questions regarding smoke detectors and exit drills in the home, please contact the Dunkirk Fire Department at 366-2577. There are also many resources available online (www.firepreventionweek.org or www.nfpa.org).

We encourage all residents to test their smoke detectors monthly and to change the batteries every six months. We also encourage all residents to participate in the citywide fire drill to make Dunkirk a safer place.

Gary Katta is captain of the Dunkirk Fire Department.