Our road map of intelligence

There is an old adage I’ve been thinking about recently; “We can’t see the forest for all the trees.” I think I first heard it as a teenager, and it temporarily confused me, but after a while I figured it out. We are all so taken up with what we are trying to do that we sometimes lose track of what is happening around us, or even the significance of what we are doing.

We take so much for granted. How does a honey bee know how to gather pollen, convert it to honey, and build a honeycomb? Is he aware of what he is doing, and why? My, what a smart little bug he must be. How does a beaver have the foresight to know why he cuts down a tree and builds a dam to create his own lake? Each creature has been gifted with the know how to fulfill their own life function, only this and nothing more, to complete the organized wonder of the world.

Man is the only creature who is not limited in his ability to develop his own life purpose. We can build dams, or honeycombs. We have even reached the ability to send explorers to the moon. We have an intelligence potential to soar the skies of discovery. None of us however, can do it alone. We have been created as social beings to need one another. Progress is beyond each of us alone, but we are all such that we can benefit from the insights of one another, whether bees or beavers. We can all enjoy and expand our experiences, from the compositions of a Tchaikovsky, or profit from the mathematics of Albert Einstein, the sonnets of great poets, and the philosophies of thinkers from Confucius to Jesus.

Going back to our introduction of the old adage, however, we can, if we care, mentally rise above the trees, to see the forest in its entirety. Civilization has been slowly, but surely, growing and developing beyond the wildest dreams of any of our predecessors. We have always made the mistake of thinking that the world as we know it, has come as far as it ever will. We cannot foresee what it can and will become. Perhaps each generation does as much as it can to take another step forward in development. However, we still have a long way to go, and we will go, into the future of mankind on earth. For centuries we have been waiting for the world to collapse on an undeserving civilization, simply because we have found it difficult to accept the fact that we will ever find our way out of our present predicament, whatever that was or is.

To review what we do know: Ignorance cannot plan or organize beyond its own nose. These are characteristics only of intelligence. It takes intelligence to plan and orchestrate. Forty people blowing on horns and scraping on fiddles does not make an orchestra. It takes organization and purposeful intelligence. That is how the world, galaxy, and universe operate. It couldn’t possibly be otherwise. The moral of the story is that there is obviously intelligent purpose in everything. We experience accidents when we are misled, or careless, in the applications of our egos thinking we know it all, but accidents do not, and never will rule reality.

When we finally come to realize that the universe is ruled by intelligent purpose, and could exist in no other way, and that all of our progress is based upon our allegiance to that intelligence, then and only then, we shall step into a world of cooperation in human society.

We will educate our children according to reality, rather than try to bend them into some shape that can dominate according to our wishful egos. People are intelligent enough to realize that intelligence and therefore education in what is true, rather than political propaganda, can and eventually will save the world. Ignorant will power cannot rule anything for long, because its ignorance destroys itself by its own lack of knowing. Ignorance has no conception of organization or perpetuity. Love and appreciation will prevail. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com.