Area loses ‘gem’ in profession

Here is another voice from the many patients who were professionally treated and well served by Dr. Thomas McTernan. Along with literally hundreds of others, I was saddened to learn of his leaving the General Physicians, PC group.

Dr. McTernan is truly a gem to the medical profession. I was a patient of his for years and found him to be – not only a knowledgeable physician – but a friendly, caring, individual who put his patients’ concerns first. When visiting his office, I always took a list of my concerns, and he listened and gave advice – both medically and personally – until everything on that list was answered to my satisfaction. He gave his full attention to my concerns and did not limit my visit to an allotted 15-minute session. He stayed and listened for as long as it took.

Dr. McTernan served his country in the Marine Corps. On one occasion he mentioned that he got up every morning at 4 a.m. to find time to complete his exercise regimen. He took care of his body so he could take care of his patients. This is a man to be admired – again both personally and professionally.

I do not know what prompted his decision to leave the General Physicians, PC group. I can only guess that too many regulations caused too many hours to be spent attending to the government rules of a broken health care system.

And I understand that he needs to spend time with his family. No one could fault him for that. I am privileged to be among the patients who speak highly of him as a member of the medical profession – and as an individual – and would like to see him return. I wish him well and yes, he will be missed.

Carolyn Briggs is a Fredonia resident.