All nurses are inspirational


Every year in May we celebrate both nurses and hospital week.

This year’s theme “Inspire, innovate and influence” could not be more fitting for our community. A new hospital is being built! We must be proud and support that endeavor. But we also must ask the right questions to ensure our hospital is strong and poised to deliver care for the next generation.

We may be looking at how to consolidate services, but we must also look at ways to provide better services and do what is best for our communities. When we are celebrating we are celebrating those who work inside our hospitals. Those are our nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dietary services, environmental services, IT staff and many unnamed. Without you, all our hospital would not be possible.

Hospitals are changing and health care is changing. Say hello to this change, embrace the change, be part of the change. Without each of you our hospital would not be possible. Nurses are truly inspirational. To be a nurse is a selfless act. Nurses are our universal gift to us all. Their dedication to their work and the kindness they deliver every day should serve as a reminder of the fundamental humanity in all of us. Know what you do every day is what makes our hospital strong.

So nurses when you feel like quitting, remember why you started. We salute health care workers and nurses everywhere. You make the world a better place.