In the Trump White House, it’s confusion and volatility

The writer of “Trump trying to clean up inherited mess” (Aug. 20) is clearly confused — still. He blames the Obama administration for wanting open borders. A lie. The writer provides no quote, no reference to legislation, from anyone in his administration that will prove he wanted open borders.

He did support DACA, as I do, but that has nothing to do with wanting open borders. There were no rights given to illegals and certainly no privileges — I noted how that was a lie in a previous letter. His claims that Obama did not care if illegals brought drugs into the country is purely ludicrous — a lie meant to perpetuate hatred for Obama. In reality, no other president expelled as many undocumented people from our country than Obama. The difference is he did not rip babies from the arms of their mothers. He went after the criminals who needed be removed while others waited their turn to gain legal status. The writer doesn’t care about that. He just likes trump’s willingness to be inhumane. That is not American.

Are many of us in a campaign against Trump? That is definitely true. Under 40 percent of Americans support Trump. So that means the majority do not approve of what he is doing. They do not support his divisive, hate-filled, racist, facsist attacks on the press, immigrants, non whites, and women. They do not approve of his lies. They do not approve of tax breaks for the rich and corporations that will cripple this nation in years to come, they do not approve of his firing people because they do not approve of what he is doing and saying. They do not approve of his supporting an autocrat like Vladimir Putin and Kim Yung Un over our own intelligence agencies and over our allies. And just what is trump hiding in not showing us his tax returns? Clinton showed us hers.

The writer is apparently against health care for everyone in this country, seeming to be afraid of socialism. I presume he supports Americans paying for the health care of the rich Trump and rich senators and congressmen — while the working poor has no health care rights. I personally would take health care for all rather than paying billions for a wall that will not keep anyone out or paying $90 million for a parade.

I find most interesting the idea that the writer fears the “socialism” of free heath care and free college, asking people in his letter “to go to Russia or China and see how the first thing you don’t do is go against the government like you are doing now. That won’t last long in their society.”

This is pure confusion. Socialism and dictatorship are two separate things. One does not guarantee the other. Most of Europe has free health care and their governments are democracies. They do not suffer from the dictatorship of Russia and China.

Those of us who will vote Trump and his supporters out of office are those who do not want Americans to live like Russia and China — we know those are despotic dictatorships where opposition is destroyed. And those of us against Trump know that is exactly what Trump wants — he wants to be the autocrat Putin is. Trump proves that because he attacks our free press that is investigating and uncovering his criminal activities. Achieving health care for all is not the threat to our society — it might be a threat to the billions the current health care system profits from, but it is not a threat to our democracy. Trump and his administration are. Trump and his neo-Nazi Stephan Miller are threats. Trump and his nihilist Steve Bannon are threats. Trump and his corrupt officials dismantling protection for our water and air are threats. Trump dividing us from our allies is a threat.

Trump’s meeting with the North Korean president? His meeting with that leader solved nothing. It was all for show. Recently our intelligence agencies uncovered proof Un is building new missiles — Google it. Those of us still willing to think intelligently know Trump the con man was conned — that he gained nothing from that meeting and North Korea gained status and the cancellation of military exercises with South Korea. trump proved his weakness as leader, that he is capable of being duped because his narcissistic ego allowed him to make bad choices.

The corruption that is Trump is doomed to fail. The forces of truth and integrity are building against him and his corrupt administration. As of this date there are five guilty pleas, 17 indictments, and more to come against criminals Trump allowed in his administration. A corrupt man hires corrupt people.

Finally, there is no investigation against Hillary Clinton because the Republicans already did that. She went though 13 hours of questioning willingly — something Trump refuses to do because he is clearly is a coward and clearly he is too unable to keep his answers straight and clearly he is hiding something. Trump is being investigated because he needs to be. Again, five guilty pleas and 17 indictments. More to come.

Those who believe in Trump are cult members of a man underserving of being president who has you worked up against immigrants when you should be paying attention to his corruption, his dismantling of our democracy’s freedoms, his attacks on our environment, on our allies, and on our morality.

Please join the rest of us Americans in voting him and his cronies out of office. You can achieve controlled immigration without being an inhumane buffoon.

Diane Andrasik is a Dunkirk resident.