Player sits, reaps spoils of freedom

Another spoiled UnAmerican bites the dust. This time, it is a football player playing a game without any type of responsibilities, only to himself.

What stress does this idiot have in life, except playing a game and receiving millions of dollars for playing a simple game? I am referring to the UnAmerican who refused to stand up at a game for the national anthem. This guy has no worries about endangering his life for society. He only plays a game.

Millions of Americans have died either in the military or enforcing our laws just so this idiot can take advantage of our free society that wasn’t free for those who gave their lives so this idiot can disrespect our national anthem. It means this idiot can show his disrespect for that song and its real meaning. This player not only showed disrespect for what this country stands for, but our liberal media and those officials stated that this idiot was only showing that he has a right to do so.

No one from the media or those officials ever asked for an apology from this idiot. Only the fans who pay good money to see this idiot can let him know how stupid he really is and don’t purchase any more tickets to see this jerk. Show him how much a half wit he really is. This is a product of our liberal society and political correctness. Our society tolerates this from those in high office and who have no remorse in doing so.

Washington is a corrupt place with corrupt politicians who do get away with breaking our laws. These are the same people who have made millions while in those offices. Now one of those officials is attempting to go for the highest office in the land with no accomplishments while in Washington for the past 10 years.

This country has to wake up and fast if they want this same agenda to continue for the next four years. Heaven help us all.

Those in Washington have lost their common sense. We need someone who never held office and cannot be as corrupt as the others while in office.

Finally, play ball in Russia. We don’t want you here.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to