Don’t treat young criminals like babies

A quote from a recent OBSERVER article stated a group of clergy wants to keep juveniles out of adult prisons in New York. Also stated was that 200 members of the clergy from around New York state are writing to urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers to raise the age of criminal responsibility so fewer juvenile offenders end up in the prisons.

Religious leaders say they have written to the Democratic governor and legislative leaders in support of 17-year-old offenders going to juvenile facilities. Critics say that juvenile offenders have a better outcome when they are placed in age-appropriate facilities with the right support programs. The clergy plan to hold an event at the state capital to highlight the proposal, which they call a moral imperative.

Well, here we go again with another liberal group. This time it is with a religious group. It is very obvious that this group has never been a victim of a crime from a juvenile. Some of those crimes are the same as if an adult was responsible. Today, more young people are involved in major crimes in this country than ever before. Ask anyone who was victim of these juveniles. It is obvious the clergy involved have not been one of those victims, but yet this clergy is quick to react on something without further investigating this subject. The clergy involved live a very sheltered life and have no idea what real life is all about. If they did, then they would not be so liberal and quick to react on this subject.

This is what happens when certain groups of people have no idea what real life is about in this country. We are living in a very liberalized society where anything goes. No thanks to some liberal politicians and liberal judges. Thank God for elections. We must all remember what our country once was like and what our country has become.

Changes must be made at the voting booths if this country is to change for the betterment of this society.

God bless America.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to