Some days things just happen for all the right reasons

I can’t believe how fast the time goes by! The weeks fly by! Especially when you sleep until noon. That’s what I did Monday! I had to call the emergency because I didn’t know what to do about my morning pills. I take the bulk of my pills before 9 a.m. This had never happened to me before. I didn’t know what to do.

The firemen came over and told me to take my pills, then take my 2 p.m. pills at 3 p.m. I pass that on to you in case you do that sometime. Today I’m fine.

Last night I listened to the first debate. This is the first time I’m not excited over either candidate! Oh well, I look at the bright side. How much longer can I live?

I can’t urge you enough to make every day count. If you think about yourself, the days drag, but if you think about others and what you can do for others, the days just fly by! After all, others are many and the time flies!

Have a good attitude about money, too. If you can never have enough, you’re never satisfied, but if you get by with what you have, you’re always smiling, you’re nice to have around.

There’s something else, too. I love to work! Work is so rewarding! It makes you feel good and it makes others feel good. There’d better be lots of work in heaven.

Boy, am I lucky! I used to go to the farmers’ market every Saturday. Now I can’t go there. I have no way of getting there. Once I get there, I’m OK for awhile. So what happened today? My nurse brings me a bag of assorted fruit! Is God good or not? He puts people together and things get done. I’ll give you another example.

On Monday, Josie Christopher came to check me out. My sister, Jo Christopher, called her up and wanted her to check me out. She came to see me. When she was convinced I was among the living, she started to leave. She got on the porch, and a piece of furniture caught her eye. I told her I’d check it out with the girls upstairs. They didn’t have room for it. I could have it.

I called Josie and she was thrilled. She needed a TV table. Now let’s look at this entire story. Number 1, I overslept and panicked. Number 2, I called my sister and number 3, she called Josie Christopher. Now these are all good deeds and how does the story end?

Josie gets a shelf set for her TV! Now did all of this happen by coincidence? Hardly. Can you see God’s hand in all of this? If I hadn’t overslept, I wouldn’t have called my sister. Then, if she wasn’t concerned about me, she wouldn’t have called Josie, and Josie being the kind of person she is, had to come over to make sure I was OK. Each of us was used as God’s agent. That piece of furniture was meant for Josie!

I forgot one good deed. Josie brought me a plate of her famous cookies. Then I gave a couple to my nurse and she went in her car and brought me a bag of fresh fruit from the farmers’ market! See how it works? Do for others and they will do for you.

God is good!