Left has some lessons to learn

During a late night show, a so-called entertainer thought it was funny when President Trump was concerned about the mass killings in Chicago and wanted to try to put a stop to this slaughter.

What is so funny in this demented entertainer’s head? These are radicals on the way far left who are mad because this society was fed up with their ideals of controlling the minds of our society. They no longer have Democrats to turn to and the radicals know their time is up and they use threats and violence.

This is why this country has a new president and new ideas from the old school.

Let’s discuss our colleges. Every time you turn around, our colleges in this country are getting involved in everything except learning. Now our colleges are getting involved in immigration refugee programs. The only thing these colleges are concerned about is the dollar sign on the refugees back and low enrollment. Now these college administrators are getting these students all riled up with signs stating “Make America tolerant again.” I think that those who are carrying these signs seem to forget about the Americans who have been killed by foreigners and their foreign teachings.

If we continue to forget those who gave their lives who were only innocent civilians instead of feeling sorry for foreigners, you might want to go back to your classrooms.

God bless those who have served and given their lives.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com