Mother’s presence still felt after all these years

I think of my mother so often. I feel her presence. We were so lucky to have a mother with a good sense of humor and good philosophy of life. She took everything in her stride. Nothing was too much for her. She’d say in Italian, “What’s it take?” Nothing was too much trouble. What a great attitude! I used to feel that way, but now everything is too much trouble!

I can hear my mom saying when she was in her 80s, someone would die, she’d ask how old he was and we’d say “80 something” and she’d say “poor soul. He was so young. He was my age!” I guess she never felt old. Like I said, everything is attitude.

Not me. If I hear someone is in his 90s, I say, “What’s he waiting for? Enough is enough!”

I never thought I’d live this long! But so many people tell me I have to write! When I was young, people used to ask me, “What are you? A wise guy?” Now my doctor tells me there’s so much wisdom in my column! I guess I learned something along the way, like for example I’d better put my glasses on or I won’t write on the lines.

How old is old? When you’re young, being a young mother is on the way to being old. Forty is old, but when you’re fifty, you look back at the forties and that’s young. Everything is relative.

All my life, I prayed, “If I can be of service I want to live and serve, but if I’m just wasting my time, please take me home.”

As I’m writing, I’m laughing because I put on my glasses and I still wrote off the line! It’s hell to get old!

I observe a lot of things. For example, in our church we have few people between five and thirteen. We’re going to lose a family because of that! How do you bring young families in? The old ones can’t last forever!

I must tell you this story. While I was writing this column, there was a knock at the door and Josie Christopher walked in with some St. Joseph’s bread from Linda Saccamano because she likes the column. I’m telling you, I get some beautiful stuff from readers! Before Josie left, I asked her if she’d drop some bread off at my sister’s house because she loves the bread and nobody makes it anymore.

Josie was thrilled to pass on some of the bread. Neither my sister Jo nor I have cars anymore so Josie delivered it. Everybody was happy. When you have a servant’s heart, the Lord provides opportunities!

For those who like Josie’s cookies, she’s bringing some to the CIAO St. Joseph’s dinner. For reservations, call Sam Crisanti at 934-2592. You might get the answering machine, but can leave a message. It’s free. Just bring a meatless dish to pass, your own table service, but you must make a reservation. CIAO is doing this at St. Joseph’s in Fredonia at 6 p.m. They switched from 5 to 6. We will provide coffee and tea. If you want something else, you’ll have to bring it.

We had more blessings from this transaction. My sister Jo was in charge of study hall at the high school from time to time and Joe Saccamano, Linda’s husband, was one of her favorite friends. He’ll be thrilled to find out Jo got some bread. Good deeds go on and on.

Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

P.S. I thank all the people who have brought me food. It’s so thoughtful!