Sending love and care to our troops

On behalf of the Blue Star Mothers, NY Chapter 4, thank you for making our Christmas wish come true through your generous donation and support for our organization as we work to support our military.

This year we experienced two things we had never dreamed possible! First is that on Dec. 3, we mailed out 696 care packages to our deployed troops — another banner year for us! Second is that our packages are extending to and touching the hearts of those we never dreamed we could reach.

Not only are our fellow Americans being blessed, but we have received thank-you notes from French and Dutch troops as well! This is America at her best! Reaching into Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and so many other faraway places, your goodwill has been enjoyed by many — and because of your generosity, many deployed troops were reminded of our wishes to them for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It is through the combined efforts of this enormously caring and giving community that this has been accomplished. Whether you donated monetary or material goods, time or energy, whether you are young or younger, you helped to brighten the season for many! We will be sending another shipment of care packages to our deployed troops this Saturday. We welcome your material and financial donations, as well as your presence as we pack these boxes! Handwritten cards and letters are a favorite item, so perhaps you know of an organization that would like to take on this project. Over and over again, our men and women mention how a card or drawing from a child has warmed hearts as these treasures adorn the walls of otherwise bleak surroundings.

Since its inception during World War II, the Blue Star Mothers organization has existed to provide support for active duty service personnel, to promote patriotism, and to assist veterans organizations in our communities. We are mothers who now have or have had children honorably serving in the U.S. military. As proud mothers of the men and women who are fighting for our freedoms, we continually look for ways to support our troops as we support each other in this journey. Thank you for helping us make our dream come true!

Allow us to leave you with a few quotes from some thank-you notes:

“You good folk back home are certainly the wind beneath our wings, … Thank you for boosting morale and spirits, especially over the holidays as the troops are away from their loved ones, and helping … (us) make it one more lap around the deployment track.” (from an Army chaplain in Kuwait)

“Far from home and family, we are spending our Christmas and New Year here together with our international partners from Germany, Great Britain, Canada, France, Sweden, Norway, USA and many more. Your cards, greeting and wishes got a nice place in our coffee corner for everybody to see and read. The gifts were in great demand and enjoyed by everyone here …” (from a Dutch Public Affairs Officer and a Dutch Mission Logistical Officer)

“It was a great event for me to receive a present from the USA as I am not (unfortunately) used to receive any present from France where population used to forget the French Soldiers in Front Line. … Be proud of your soldiers and officers they are well fighting Islamic State. May God bless your Nation.” (from a French officer deployed in Iraq, working alongside OUR American men and women)

Can’t say it any better than that!

Kathleen Collver is vice president of Blue Star Mothers NY4. Reach out to her at or visit