Life is filled with many experiences

Let’s continue with short sentences that make us laugh or think.

One day I counted the money in my wallet. It added up to $20. “This should hold me for awhile.”

A voice came back and said, “Yeah, as long as you don’t leave the house!”

Start out with the question, “What is the smallest organ in the body?”

Some people say the tongue and some people say the mouth. Either way, they go together. They are either sweet or sour because words come out of the mouth and the tongue is used to form the words. No doubt that words are powerful. Words can make you laugh or cry and you can feel love or hatred They can be healing or hurtful. Be careful what you say!

People say laughter is like medicine. You can feel like a doctor. Many people say my columns are uplifting. Sometimes I feel like a bra salesman.

Let’s talk about money. Do you believe in the trickle down theory? Before it can trickle down, the hands that are holding the money have to open up. This is the hard part! Can you give to the poor who don’t deserve it? Will the rich buy all the things they can afford? Of course not. The need isn’t there! Will the poor buy all the things they can now afford? Yes. Which one will help our economy grow? I like to give directly. For example, I give to our local Salvation Army. Give as directly as you can. Prosperity starts at the grass roots. That’s not politics. That’s common sense.

I deal with young people. In my eyes, some of them are spendthrifts. For example, I asked one of the boys a couple of years ago how much did he think he spent on beer while he was at college. He thought awhile and answered, “$8,000.”

Can you imagine? And his parents were working people! They thought I was frugal. I thought they were spendthrifts. How could we be so different?

I grew up during the Depression. We only saw the things we could afford. We closed our eyes to the things we couldn’t afford. It was the same thing when Russ and I got married. I didn’t see the fruit and the pastry. We didn’t have the money for those costly items. I can remember when our boys were looking through a catalog and asking me if $.78 was too much? Necessity makes us worthy.

Here are some of the things you can live without.

1. Bottled water. Sometimes bottled water comes from the tap. It’s not contaminated.

2. We don’t need all that soda pop.

3. Taking 20- to 30-minute showers daily. How dirty can you get?

4. Leaving the lights on when no one is using them.

I remember when we went on a bowling tournament in Utica. The girls were leaving the lights on when we went out.

The answer was, “We’re paying enough for this room!” How near-sighted can you get? These are our resources we are wasting!

5. Now let’s look at all the time we waste watching TV or having the TV on and not watching it. Most of all we waste time and time is life. We can think of murder. Funny, we say, “I was just killing time.” How often do we say that and think nothing of it. But it’s true.

Where are our values? Think about these things. Life is precious. When you look back are you satisfied with what you see? Oh, you won’t be famous, but was it good? Did you have fun? Did you share yourself and your time? It’s not too late. Do what you can.

Make friends. Make memories. Go for it!