Visitor from past a wonderful surprise

I have to tell you my schedule. I have to hand in my column by Tuesday at 2 p.m. That means I’m early for some things and late for other things. I had to wait for Easter. My column came out Saturday and Easter was Sunday. My friend David (from my Bible class) was alone, too, so we went to my church and stayed for lunch. It was great! He’s young enough to be my son. At my age, I’m not looking for a boyfriend (not even a “man friend”).

I had a wonderful surprise this week. I had a surprise visit from Janie, who used to be our hairdresser. We used to call her “Janie pupetta,” which meant little doll in Italian. She was the daughter we never had. Our sons loved her!! When we went to Italy, she took care of our boys. She lives in Conneaut, Ohio now. She’s a grandma now. She’ll always be family to us.

We had such a good life! I loved the beauty shoppe. It was special! It was another family to us. I was both hairdresser and teacher. Come to think of it, I was a pupil, too. I listened, too.

The girls all called Russ “Dad.” One day, one of the customers asked if that good-looking guy fooled around. Dee said, “if you mean Russ? No, that’s my boss. He’s Margaret’s husband. He’s one of the good guys.”

It takes me longer and longer to write every week. I get shorter and shorter and my writing gets longer and longer! Oh well, I’ll do the best I can.

You are all so good to me! Thanks.