Left keeps up its sore-loser campaign

Let’s take a look at the acts of the left in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer made a speech on how President Trump has not accomplished anything while in office. Let’s take a hard look at that remark.

President Trump made decisions on jobs for thousands to work even before he was officially in office. Trump made decisions on the security of our borders and the security of this country. President Trump has met with car manufacturers for their business to remain and to come back to this country.

President Trump is going to make the inner cities safer to live in. He is concerned about those jobs in the inner cities and to take those on welfare back to work. Trump signed into law to build the pipe line that will employ thousands and the pipe for that line will be manufactured in the United States.

Trump is having discussions with foreign countries on how to eliminate the terrorist animals. Through all this, he has been in office about five months. All this and more has been accomplished in this amount of time, but the non-believers still can’t accept the fact that they lost the election.

Instead of working with this new president and helping him with ideas, they are going to ridicule him and his family for no reason. This president has accomplished more in 100 days than the previous administration did in eight years. So get used to this new, progressive way of doing things, and try to work together.

But you have those like Schumer, who didn’t even vote for a law to protect Americans from illegal aliens and didn’t care about an American girl called Kate who was murdered by an illegal. Schumer thinks more of illegals than he does of an American girl whose life was taken at an early age by an illegal animal. Maybe Schumer should explain his actions to the innocent girl’s family and explain to them how he doesn’t care about American citizens and puts illegals first. Yet he criticizes Trump.

The insanity still is alive and well with the left, especially those who are not only politicians, but union leaders. These are hard-nosed who are still living in a dream world and cannot accept the reality of the decisions that have been made by the American people in voting for a Republican president. I don’t remember when any Republican or any other party acted in such a manner when Barack Obama was elected. It shows which party has more respect for the American voters and the decisions that the voters have made. There are those who cannot accept the fact that President Trump has helped the workers by keeping American jobs in America.

The left are still in a dream world, with a signs in their windows stating “Trump is not my president.” You have to be kidding. If President Trump isn’t their president, then who is? Maybe they would like Vladmir Putin as their president.

The left in this country needs a wake-up call — and soon.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com