Memories are being made all the time

On Friday, I went to Carol McCormick’s 60th birthday party. She looks more like 30! Her sister Donna’s husband came and picked me up. You should hear him brag about her! She’s smart and beautiful. Then I learned he was a pilot at the age of 20! What a couple!

Carol and her sister are so different. We gave Carol her first hairdressing job. She’s very quiet and reserved. Russ walked her down the aisle and Dan was an usher for her wedding. She’s family!

I left the party early because I tire easily.

When I got home, my porch was loaded with kids! After I got home, they left like I was contagious. I felt bad! I’m no party pooper! But one of the girls told me they had another party to go to. That made me feel better.

We’ve had so many good people in our lives! Like John Yaeger, who does my shopping for me when I don’t feel up to it. He’s a good chef, too. Karen is talented, too. I am surrounded by good, talented people. I hope John is well. He got sick last weekend. There is a flu bug loose. So far, so good.

I remember in my 80s I was still shooting baskets and still making a few. All that training I gave our boys paid off. It’s funny how memories can come up out of nowhere. Make memories while you can. Have energy for as long as you can. I said to someone the other day, “I hope they have work in heaven.”

Now before you say, “who does she think she is? What makes her so sure she’s going to heaven?”

Just remember, she’s going to heaven because of what Jesus did, not because of anything she did! I’m not bragging, I’m just grateful.

Anyway, I love to work. It’s so rewarding, to the person who gives and the person who receives! If you learn this lesson, you’ll be blessed!