Remembering mom on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is coming! What a wonderful celebration when you had a great mother! We had a great mom! I was the last of eight kids. My mother had a great attitude! Nothing was too much trouble.

My mother used to stay up at night and work the night through making bread and meals for the week. Then she would put on her apron and go to work at the canning factory. She’d give up a good night’s sleep just to take care of us. She never complained. She was always smiling. What a wonderful example. And we girls had good marriages because we had good examples.

When I think that she took care of my father for two years after WWI when he was shot up and she ran the grocery store from memory because she had no education. And she had the courage to come to America not knowing the language and then having two more children here.

My father’s sister Aunt Rose Joy sponsored us to come to America. My mother was happy to do so because she wanted to work, and working women were accepted in the U.S., but not in Italy at that time.

She always laughed, and was good-spirited. She always had time for family and friends. Everyone was welcome in our house. We always had music and dancing.

I danced before I walked. Jo and I still would love to waltz across a dance floor one more time. Too late! We are all aches and pains now.

A mother is the hostess with the mostest. The father is the provider. We need them both. The mother is social. The father is both.

A wonderful church friend who is also a reader gave me some reading material.

She said she can replace “I have to do laundry” with “I get to do laundry. I get to do laundry because I have clothes.”

“I get to wash clothes because I have running water.”

“I get to call the bank because I have one.”

“I get to call the repairman for repairs because I have appliances.”

“I get to tend to my sick son because I have a child.”

“I celebrate Mothers Day because I have a mother.”

Look at all your blessings and be thankful.

Attitude is everything!