Cold war from within marches on

The radical factions in this country are in a constant battle with our president in the blame game. The liberal media is in a constant battle with our president with harassment and nothing newsworthy, only constant insults, not only toward our president but toward his innocent family members.

This is an everyday confrontation with our president. They never report the good things our president has accomplished, only made-up remarks and made-up stupidity.

The trouble with these people is they lost the election so they can continue to rule our society like they had in the past with a left-wing president. They just cannot accept that they lost.

The trouble with the media and the left as a whole is that they ignore so much in all regard and they think that they know so much. That really isn’t so.

They tend to be desperate, not only toward our president, but his family as well. I can’t remember when this hatred has ever occurred with any other president in our country.

The last eight years, the left gained a foothold in our society with a very liberal administration that allowed this nonsense to go on.

We are still paying for that. This is a cold war from within and it must be rectified.

God bless the U.S.A.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.