Sharing thoughts from the garden of life

Here is another classic Margaret Valone column

If only teachers realized the respect they have from the community because of the impact they have on their students’ lives!

My son Dan thought Dr. Stanley hung the moon. My son Rusty was sure it was Jim O’Brien. I had contact with both of them and thanks to Dr. Stanley, learned a lot about biology.

Jim O’Brien gave me this wonderful poem. Let’s share it. It’s called, “The Garden of Life.”

First, plant five rows of P’s: presence, promptness, preparation, perseverance, Purity. Squash gossip, Squash indifference, Squash unjust criticism.

Then plant five rows of lettuce.

Let us be unselfish and loyal. Let us obey the rules and regulations. Let us be true to our obligations. Let us love one another.

No garden is complete without turnips. Turn up for meetings, turn up with new ideas, turn up with determination to make everything count for something good and worthwhile.

This was the end of this anonymous poem. but I felt something was missing. I added a circle of glads right in the middle of the garden.

Glad for God’s goodness, Glad for God’s Grace.

Years later I realized the symbolism of what I had written. Rows have a beginning and an end, but a circle has no end. Also, the location of the circle was in the middle of life. That’s the position that God deserves in the Garden of Life.

Isn’t the world of thought beautiful? We can add to it, we can take out things or we can change things as our learning experiences provide greater insight.

Isn’t life exciting?! (Notice the punctuation. That’s my personal interpretation).

You’ve probably noticed in my writings that I don’t conform to form and punctuation. As far as I’m concerned I only care about communicating and sharing thoughts. Forgive me if this irritates you. Please accept the message and don’t kill the messenger!

I have room for a couple random thoughts. Have you ever noticed as your life grows longer, your body grows shorter? Taking that thought a step further, you also get fatter. Because of this, your chances of living longer grow slimmer! Life is funny. That’s why I keep laughing.

When someone calls you a sucker because someone has taken advantage of you or you were too generous, just remember this: No one can take away from you, that which you freely give! Be a cheerful giver.

Remember this too. If you can graciously accept criticism and don’t need the reward of praises, you are really free!

Don’t depend on others for your happiness.