Anti-Trump segment can’t let it go

It’ll be almost a year since Donald Trump ran and won the presidential office of our nation. But the bitterness felt by the losers has continued unabated.

Disappointed writers fill the press and other media by slanderous, angry attacks, without regard for the office he represents. Their remarks all bear a similarity of content and are noted not for reasoning or logic, but for pure hatred and viciousness, cloaked in metaphorical allegories with emphasis on left-leaning, mind-set. It’s apparent that Mr. Donald Trump has not only got into the Oval Office, but also into their heads.

Granted, this man is difficult to like. But so am I, as well as many others. Who says we’re perfect enough to pass judgment? But we have voting rights to determine who we like enough for the Presidential office. And a few million voters have done just that by casting a ballot for Donald Trump.

They are hoping to effect a change for the better in the quality of our nation, and willing to turn the helm of the ship of state over to him and his Cabinet. They also realize that every political person must be given some space to maneuver, grow and develop in order to fulfill the office, and don’t engage in any whining foot-stomping, hissy fits that serve only to temporarily mollify the disgruntled egos of the embittered also-rans.

On a different tack: media, sports, actors and others in the limelight that belittle this country’s values by acts, deeds and words, are insults to those who have served and worked within the bounds of propriety, conformity, common decency and respect. Sure the latter are far from perfect, subject to failings and mistakes, but they’re the true salt of the Earth. The former though are louder, and through demonstrable actions demand to be seen and heard.

The way to treat them is to ignore them. Do not support them by giving them an audience. They thrive on controversy and in-your-face contention. Avoid their productions, games, shows, programs, nor argue or discuss issues with them (reason is not their forte). Once they lose their fan base, the polls will indicate a lack in numbers, sponsors will leave, the money will dry up and so will they.

As for me: I voted in 2016. However, I didn’t vote for either of the presidential candidates, but for other office choices. Go figure.

Ralph Burke is a Dunkirk resident.