All the wrong messages

I may be nuts, but I’d not be surprised if one day our advancing knowledge would reveal that many of our health problems, especially self-generated distortions not caused by invading infections, such as cancer, were sometimes caused by egotistical confusions, and contradictions, self-welded into our minds, based on unfounded hatreds, and other negativity, including self-interested rationalizations, and unrealistic appraisals of our responsibilities. There is a variety of nonproductive, destructive thinking, which runs rampant in various mentalities of humanity, striving for domination, meaning, or self-promotion. It seems obvious that we have a long way to go to develop the healthy, wealthy, world we would all like to see, or would we try to change it, if we had it?

Suppose that the world’s greatest pianist, sat at the piano and played the most stirring piano piece one could imagine. Let’s also suppose that the piano is completely out of tune. Its various strings are in an absolute shambles regarding their being set up in any fashion that would simulate organized music. Regardless of the pianist’s talent, we would hear nothing but a mish-mash of noise. The expression of his talent depends completely on the proper organization and the tuning of the various wires on the keyboard. Dare I suggest that a healthy body depends as much on a mind that is aligned to a proper non-contradictory understanding of its life?

All of the progress of humankind on earth is the result of our recognizing the truths involved in the operation of the factors involved. This applies to everything, including the organization of the piano tuning. When we disregard the rules involved, we get mayhem. We humans are truly masters of mechanics in its many applications. Automobiles and airplanes are two excellent examples of this. We have been gifted with a mentality that is far and away superior to the capability of any other creature on earth.

All animals including mankind occupy a physical body, which is controlled by a brain. The brain looks after the functions needed to keep the body going. We humans also have the added ability to analyze, deduce, and consider our actions regarding many factors.

We have come to understand that there is intelligence in creation that we can, and have used in our continual progress, and our gradual development in our pursuit of happiness and security. Although we are all very much creatures of the same origination, we are all different in our own ways. We all come into the world under different circumstances, with different mentors, and having different rules and customs to live by. We are however all gifted with a mind that recognizes facts, which gives us the ability to understand situations.

When our egos get carried away with the importance of our own person, when we seek to gain what is not ours to possess, when we turn to rationalizing reality for our own personal pleasure, it is like mistuning the piano of our soul. When our mind becomes scrambled or distorted and contradicts what we deep down know is true, we begin to lose the sense of reality that we were born with.

If everyone clearly understood what is true and what is false, falseness would soon disappear. When we defy truth in the pursuit of self-glory, we destroy the sanity and natural guidance of our minds. Is that why we have so much trouble in the world? Is our basic problem just a determined stubborn will, trying to control reality for personal gratification?

With all the confusion in the world today, with all the entertaining distractions that modern society has brought to us, we seldom have time to sit and consider what we’re doing besides buying tickets and rooting for the home team, or the latest entertainment. Before TV we used to sit on the front porch, just chatting, and watching the world go by. Perhaps that was healthier. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident.