The power of ‘one’

You have no idea how rewarding writing this column has been to me, but I’ll give you an idea by sharing with you a letter I received (some years ago) from Elaine Hogan of Brocton.

Elaine said she was new to the area and found many things of interest in my column because they are wholesome and uplifting. She said she appreciates the message that each of us has gifts and talents that God has given us that not only bless us, (if we use them), but others as well. Here’s how it works. We will be blessed, our communities will be blessed, our nation will be blessed and the world will be blessed and it starts with ONE.

“I see from you column you are One and are trying to get others to get involved, not with large showy things, but very small deeds of kindness, but also standing in boldness at times for the things we value that has made America a great nation.”

“I follow your lead. I believe I can make a difference too.” She told me this story. When she went out to walk the dog last winter, her neighbor had cleaned the snow off her car, swept off her steps, delivered her paper to her door and even cleared a spot for the dog to go to the “rest” room! I must tell you the neighbor was a woman!

Elaine quoted a scripture that said, “I can’t do everything, but I can do something and I will do that something that I can do.”(Making good choices, that great power we can all tap into).

Here are some of the things she has done (and others can do): be a mentor, a teacher (in church, at home, in the community), share, pray, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, one coat at a time. Share your home, your hope, write, encourage, e-mail, text, read good books and give book reports. Be involved with teaching at church and try to keep up with the current news!

Wow! Wow!

Don’t you think you should cut out this column and put it on your refrigerator? Or maybe you should add some of the new good habits you want to develop. Maybe you have something on your list that wasn’t covered. Please share.

We know that both Hitler and Lenin said if they could have the children’s minds for the first four years, they could change the world!

Come on, world – do you have to be hit by lightning? Why can’t the homes, the schools, the churches, publishers get the message and fill our young people’s minds with good thoughts that will lead to good habits and actions?

Instead of teaching kids control (mind and physical) and teaching them greed, power and pride, let’s teach them love, selflessness, humility, caring and sharing etc.

And parents, what are your children watching on T.V.? What kinds of movies do they watch? Who is in control of the controls? Don’t point at someone else! Point to yourself.

Parents, do you ever write to T.V. stations and tell them you want better programs?

Parents, do you ever make recommendations to movie house on what you would like to see and what you don’t want to see? If they should start losing money, they’ll change. How about the foul language being used? We deserve better!

Elaine repeated that everything starts with one.

Well, are you “one?” You can be! You can start and be counted! And soon all these “ones” can become an army!

Write to your families out of town and out of state. You’d be shocked how soon things around the house get better!

Make sure when you’re talking to groups in our society that have connections. Become speakers for them and convert them to “ones.” Get involved and we’ll all have better lives!