Wind, solar aren’t full-time alternatives

Mark Twitchell’s article (Nov. 19) nails it about wind power. lt is an income redistribution scheme, disguised as renewable energy. Here are some energy facts that few people know.

See the articles “How much oil does the world have left?” by Jude Clemente. The world has 1.7 trillion barrels of proven oil reserves. Multiply that by 63 bucks a barrel and we get $107 trillion in the ground! That is bigger than the entire world economy. So much for oil being a dying fossil fuel energy.

It gets better. See the article “How much oil is there left, really,” author unknown. This is where it gets interesting. Saudi Arabia all by itself accounts for 20 percent of the known oil reserves. In 1989 it said it had 262 billion barrels of oil. Just recently it said it had 264 billion barrels of oil. But in the decades since 1989, the Saudis have pumped 8 million barrels of oil every day!

So after pumping prodigious amounts of oil, the Saudi reserves have gone up. Kuwait claims it has 4 billion more barrels of oil than it had in 1989. They have pumped 2 million barrels of oil everyday since then. The United Arab Emirates report similar things.

Oil reserves are up as prodigious pumping continues. So, either the oil guys are lying or something very strange is going on beneath the sands. There is the abiotic oil theory, the theory the earth makes oil. See the book, “The great oil conspiracy” by Jerome Corsi.

Since even a squeaker or stripper oil or gas well makes more energy than a windmill or solar array, the renewable folks ignore this. Stripper wells are low, but steady production wells. See the book, “Power Hungry” by Robert Bryce, page 93. A stripper gas well produces 154 HP/acre. Windmills produce 6.4 HP/acre; solar panels, 36 HP/acre.

Wind and solar are not 24/7 and not energy dense like oil or gas is. See page 69 of Bryce book, if we did not have oil we would have to invent it. That is what the Germans did in the Fisher-Tropsch process, fuel and chemicals from coal. That process powered up the Nazi war machine. See the Corsi book.

Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, had Fisher-Tropsch and other Nazi scientists to America in Operation Paperclip after World War II ended. Everyone has bought Fisher-Tropsch products and never knew it. I worked in Big Polymer making adhesive systems everyone bought and never knew it. I used Fisher-Tropsch products, like Paraflint H1.

Something very unusual goes on beneath the earth. The earth makes oil as it makes cellulose above! That’s what many geologist believe!

See Bryce book, page 3. In 2008, one coal mine made more energy than all the wind and solar in the U.S. Even if green quadrupled in size, we only need four more coal mines! See the Bryce book, page 75. We use the heat equivalent of 24 Saudi Arabias a day! That is 24 times 8 million barrels of oil a day! That is almost 200 million barrels of oil a day!

There is not enough land for green energy production and growing food! That’s a fact! Carbon dioxide does not trap heat. It never did. It would take another letter to show how CO2 does not trap heat. It would have great references, some even by Nobel prize winners in chemistry.

In one final note, I worked with guys who were trained by Nobel winners in chemistry, such as Paul Flory.

Tom Batorski is an Angola resident.