Battle of give and take

Our battle is not between conservative and liberal. It is whether a person should have the right to their own life destiny, or be subject to the will of the power seekers, who promise everything, but give nothing.

The Constitution spells out, and limits the responsibilities of the federal government. It has no provision allowing the Feds to control a retirement system, to get involved in controlling the education of our children, or to develop a personal health care system. Some are even now talking about a federal minimum wage. I do not contend these ideas are all bad or good, but they have been, and are being, introduced illegally, by the assumed, but not delegated power of what has become our entrenched ruling class. Our Constitution demands they should be amendments to the Constitution, thus approved by the “states and the people.” Such things are not presently meant to be within the Constitutional power of the federal government.

Politicians when taking office take an oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution, then behave as if that didn’t matter. Has swearing our personal oath become just a formal, but meaningless rite? Ignoring our Constitution, the source of power to the people, will usher in the death of our liberties, the rights of the people to control the government, and inevitably our civilization, the dream of mankind.

The Constitution is based on the principle that all men are created equal in the sight of God, and thus have equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A right, such as individual freedom in the pursuit of one’s fulfillment, can only be justified by the acceptance of mankind as a creation of God. If there is no God, and man is nothing but a freakish accident, there can be no purpose to his life. With no purposeful creator, morality becomes the mere imaginings of a meaningless worm. With no purpose, life is but a quick whirl on the merry-go-round, and morality has no meaning.

Historically, the idea of a God was often a tool, used by the powerful to control the uneducated. Civilizations were dominated by those who held power. The ownership of the common man was universal, by kings or dictators of all descriptions. Common folk were their servants, to empty their bedpans, and wage their wars. Religion was used to convince the populace that these potentates were actually appointed by God. They preached the “Divine Rights of Kings.” The life of a peasant was cheap in the eyes of the king.

The first challenge to the Divine Rights of Kings came on June 15, 1215, when King John of England was forced by English barons to sign the Magna Carta, which guaranteed certain civil liberties. This was the first seed planted in the garden of the rights of others than the king. It took a few centuries for it to slowly brew, and become digested to eventually lead to our Founding Fathers. They were far enough away from England to demand their freedom, and to feel the impetus of the freedom of life to be declared and defended.

Today we have become a leading country of the world. With our dedication to the rights of individuals, we are a stone in the shoe of those who still maintain powerful kingdoms. People under the thumb of some exalted tyrant, seek ways to come to this country.

The United States is considered by some, as a rich plum to be harvested. Our greatest danger is those among us who believe in nothing but themselves. We fought a civil war in the mid 1800s for our beliefs in the freedom of all men. Science in its continued material discoveries, has been generally credited with the growth of atheism. Facing the realization of the entire universe controlled by unchangeable laws, the scientific community will become our lifesavers, in finally realizing that life, organization, and purpose, cannot happen without intelligent, purposeful, control beyond any mere man.

We must not allow ourselves to be conquered by a careless contentment in our newfound luxury, or a lack of concern and appreciation, as we stand in the doorway of an unimagined, promising future. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to