Going in circles in Fredonia

A quick comment on the article regarding the contention on the Village Board on Jan. 22 regarding the proposed roundabout. Trustee Doug Essek has the free will as a member of this village to initiate a petition against the roundabout, just as Kara Christina did to attempt to save JC Penney from closing.

Once again, Trustee James Lynden is in error on two points: First, the roundabout does affect the businesses that are located near where this roundabout will be; if he doesn’t think so, I challenge him to move his business near the site. Also noteworthy is the fact that Mr. Essek stated that instead of the roundabout, cameras, and lowering the speed limit would also lessen the accidents at Routes 60 and 20, would be less cost to the taxpayers and would not impede the surrounding businesses. Anyone in agreement, should be signing the petition.

Secondly, Mr. Lynden has either a great deal of nerve or a great deal of absent-mindedness by bringing up the fact that the subject of the roundabout was not on the agenda. At the Jan. 8 Village Board meeting, the mayor decided to bring up the “idea” of designating a deputy mayor. This was not an agenda item that night!

A deputy is not a necessity, but it just so happens that the “senior” trustee happens to be a Democrat, like the mayor. The village charter makes clear the process that is to be followed, should the Mayor be out of the Village in the event of an emergency. This is a process that has been followed for years, and doesn’t need to be changed. It is my opinion and that of our village attorney, as he stated at that meeting, that a deputy mayor is not a necessity for the village — unpaid at this point, or not!

If Mr. Lynden wants to point out the obvious, maybe more obvious would be to start running the Village Board meetings by the New York State Open Meetings guidelines; thus avoiding this argument altogether.

Melanie Mann is chair of the Fredonia-Pomfret Republican Committee.