Green energy is part-time answer

I was sitting in the local diner last week. Across from me were sitting two retired teachers. The male reading the newspaper stated to his female partner, “This is great, there’ll be no more fracking.” I queried to them, “How’d you get here?” He stated, “Well we drove of course.” I replied, “You’re an idiot.”

Of course, they were offended! Please explain to me how people can be so misinformed, especially the so called educated!

His explanation to me was, “Fracking, especially horizontal drilling pollutes the water.” After this, he would no longer discuss the issue.

Now I’m of the opinion that if they don’t want gas and oil exploration, why are they driving vehicles that need gas and oil? By the way, their house is most likely heated by gas or oil.

Also, the EPA finally admits there is no major detriment to fracking. It must be realized that with every enterprise there maybe unforeseen occurrences. In most cases, drilling is done below the aquifer. If everything goes according to standard engineering practices and there are no accidents, no problems arise. Yes, there have been some problems, but measures have been put into place to correct them.

The big push today is for wind and solar energy, which is a joke to say the least. The wind does not blow 24/7, 365 days a year. The main electric utilities are totally on line should the wind stop. In this event the gas, oil and coal generation stations are needed for back up when this occurs. Some wind turbines have gas and oil generators associated with them in the event of a calming of the winds. The one major factor ignored is the huge amount of our tax dollars which are subsidizing these wind turbines. If these units were of such value why are they being subsidized?

Solar energy is another huge waste of our tax dollars. To date there has been no huge income produced by solar energy. Forty-two percent of solar energy is funded by our tax dollars and we are receiving no financial gain. It’s just another money pit that the liberals say is saving our planet?

The major destruction to our planet is nature itself. Volcanoes have put more toxins in the atmosphere than man has ever created. There have been more than 40 major eruptions that are known. Many of these are at least 1,000 percent times greater than the Mount St. Helen’s eruption of 1980 and at least six times larger than the Mount Tambora eruption of 1918, which is the largest eruption in recent history. Think of the damage from all the tornadoes and hurricanes over the years. What about the huge damage caused by tidal waves, tsunamis, flooding and earth quakes?

Man is not at fault for all these problems. This nonsense is just a part of a liberal political agenda.

Michael Wesley is a Perrysburg resident.