Meals, wheels hurt establishments

Commentary: Food trucks in Fredonia

What happened at the supposed “public hearing” at the June 25 was a total disgrace. And why was our present village attorney not present at such an important meeting? Why did they even bother when it was stated that they would listen to the people who were there when they had no intention of doing so, it was all cut and tried before hand.

They did not listen to Sam Drayo Jr., who was our village attorney for 48 years and former mayor and trustee Frank Pagano and who brought up legitimate concerns. Both of these men are very knowledgeable and are sticking up for local business. We must support them and help them to survive in today’s business climate with ever-increasing costs and competition from the Route 60 corridor.

I just do not understand their reasoning that these two new local laws are going to be beneficial in any way and the pipe dream that it will boost our village with new residents and businesses.

It would be different if there were not 15-plus food and legal beverage establishments within a basically two-block area and special events to bring in more business, not to benefit food trucks.

The parking situation is bad enough, too.

They merely voted on party lines and their statement that it would enhance and showcase our village was really ridiculous. Our existing food and legal beverage establishments already offer a variety of choices in their menus.

This whole board, with the exception of Trustee Doug Essek, are as bad as our representatives in Congress.

Wake up, people, and you know that our slogan of shop and patronize local businesses is a farce in these new laws.

Our local board is nothing but rubber-stampers. We need to elect new people who will listen to the public.

Shirley DeJohn is a Fredonia resident.