City needs to somehow be recharged


I look around Third Street, Central Avenue and Main Street in Dunkirk and what I see is desolation. A city once thriving is now a barren area where stores once thrived.

I look at Third Street and there is nothing there. I look at Central Avenue and all I see is freebie establishments. They should change the name of Central Avenue to Freebie Avenue. The last census that was taken stated 12,000. I believe that’s just the free-loaders. That can’t be an accurate count.

In New York City, in the subway there are signs that say “Come to Dunkirk, New York for free housing.” A local organization is responsible for this stupidity. Not only free housing but free everything. Everything that taxpayers have to pay for but can’t afford themselves.

What was once a thriving community of stores is now in the town of Dunkirk, especially the new plant or lab is being built, also in the town.

Where did our community go wrong? Who was on the City Council when Urban Renewal came to town and destroyed this city? I am really sad when I drive down Third Street and see not stores, just barren land. So sad. What a travesty. So sad. I am now looking up to those now in office and will see if they can bring this city back to where it was once, but who is going to pay the taxes when NRG is gone?

It should have never been in this predicament. The current state administration is responsible for removing coal with this Clean Air Act. I say now with a new national administration in office, bring the coal back and let’s refire this plant.

We don’t need any more outside interference from anyone any more. I am so disgusted that I can’t write any more. God Bless the City of Dunkirk and our country.

Maybe this council can perform a miracle. We will see.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.