Dredging brings to light lake concerns


Many decades have passsed as I watch the ongoing changes on the shoreline of Lake Erie from a vantage point 2 miles east of Dunkirk. We watch the daily conditions on the water and on our beach. As the years have moved on, it is obvious how man is capable of dumping his waste in large quantities into our precious body of water.

The most recent observation is the tons of wood and debris that the winter ice and spring thaw brought to our beaches. Recently there was the issue of flooding waters sending large amounts of questionable water into the lake from our urban and rural areas, which by the way was a result of nature’s action. Now over the past few weeks I have observed barge loads of seaweed and questionable debris towed a short distance offshore and dumped into the lake.

All of this should set off a concern as to what my happen to our valuable source of fresh water which is drawn from Lake Erie and will be sent throughout the north county.

First question is who is watching over this dredging process, and how closely are they monitoring the materials being dumped? Much of this debris is near the now closed power plant which is claimed to be on contaminated grounds.

Secondly, many of us landowners who live east of Dunkirk are experiencing small islands of seaweed, found mainly in harbors, washing up on our beaches? We also find bags of plastic,glass and metal waste in this mix. Not a common happening until we observed the barges unloading on the lake.

Hopefully there are some answers and solutions to these concerns as we look at our great asset of fresh water. We all need to be more mindful of our impact on this great resource.

W. Thomas Carlson is a Dunkirk resident.